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We will inspect your roofing system and install emergency tarps to keep your home or business in Athens safe from further damage.

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Our roofers are factory certified by the shingle manufacturers. That means you get a quality roof installed every time backed by a great warranty for your peace of mind.

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We are a full-service roofing contractor handling everything from emergency roof repairs to full roof replacements for your home or commercial property. We will tarp your leaking or damaged roof for free. All you have to do is call (903) 285-6377.

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Free Emergency Tarping Service

Why is an Emergency Tarping Service so Important?

If you're in an area that's subject to storms or potential roof damage, you want to know a company that provides a reliable emergency tarping service, and here's why:

If the roof of your home has been damaged or is at risk of serious damage, you need to get in touch with an emergency tarping service immediately.

Has your home experienced any kind of flooding or storms? Maybe you're in an area that regularly gets extreme weather. Or perhaps, is your roof aging and at risk of leaks or other moisture build-up problems?

There are many causes of roof damage that require temporary tarping. Whatever the cause of your roof damage, you need to know an emergency tarping service, like ASAP Roofing Athens, that you can rely on. Let's take a deeper look at why an emergency tarping service is so important for you.

What is an Emergency Tarping Service?

In times of dangerous storms and flooding, roofing companies are in great demand. The falling of trees and flying debris damages the infrastructure of your home or business. That damage needs to be repaired or professionally covered as soon as possible to protect you from further damage.

Therefore, because roofers are so busy at these times, if your roof has been damaged by the weather, it may be some time before you can get the roofing company to come to fix it.

The priority for most homeowners is to prevent the water from further damaging their home. This is where the emergency tarping services from ASAP Roofing Athens come in to provide you with the temporary protection you need while you wait until you can have the proper repairs done to your roof.

While many people may require roofing services after a storm, it is much quicker and efficient to complete tarping work compared to installing or repairing a roof.

Therefore, during, and in the immediate aftermath of storms, it makes more sense to have tarping work done to your roof to prevent any greater damage. Afterwards, you can get actual roof repairs. And the best thing is, with tarping work, you will be able to mitigate further damage to your property.

What are the Consequences of a Damaged Roof?

You may ask yourself - but does it really matter if I have a damaged roof for a brief period of time? The short answer is - Yes!

A damaged roof is a danger to the structural integrity of your home or business, and therefore, puts the safety of your family or business assets at risk. This is because an unsafe roof can lead to tiles and shingles falling off and letting in water.

However, perhaps the most serious damage could be because of interior water damage. If water enters a roof that has been damaged due to storms, this could result in even greater damage.

This is because the water will likely be mostly soaked up by the insulation and result in interior water damage. And then, the wet insulation often causes mold to develop.

An emergency tarping company will prevent further damage to your roofing and insulation. Don't risk it, call for emergency tarping services.

Do I Really Need to Hire Professionals?

If you are in the middle of a storm and you are experiencing water damage, there's a temptation to panic and try to repair the roof yourself.

This is definitely not recommended. Instead, you should call an emergency tarping company to do the repair work for you.

Roof repair and tarping is professional work. If attempted by homeowners, this can be extremely dangerous. And after all, roofs can be fixed much easier than broken bones.

Also, it is likely a non-professional won't be able to assess the damage done and adequately find the right solution.

Because of the safety standards required for the tarping work, there is a right way to ensure the tarping work is carried out appropriately and safely.

How to Pay for Emergency Tarping?

Now you know how roof damage is caused and why it matters. But you may be thinking - "Great! But it sounds expensive."

Well, it doesn't have to be.

In fact, in many cases, emergency tarping services are covered by your insurance policy as a homeowner or business owner. You'll want to check with your local agent or call the toll-free line to your insurance carrier to be sure.

Furthermore, it may even be required according to your insurance policy in order to prevent further damage. If your insurance policy is not complied with, and you don't get the emergency repairs completed, you could receive a huge surprise down the road. Some insurance adjusters have been known to deny coverage for damage done after the storm that could have been prevented with temporary repairs.

However, to make sure the insurance company will cover the cost, you need take photographs of the damage to your roof before the tarping is even started. This means that you can provide the insurance firm with evidence of the damage. This is also usually required by the insurance company.

What Happens When You Call For Emergency Tarping?

Emergency roofers can be called out at any time, and therefore, every case is different. However, regardless of the circumstances, it's important to remain calm.

You should call the emergency tarping service and your insurance company.

If they are called out in the middle of the storm, they will usually wait until the storm calms down before coming to attend to your roof.

It is important that roofers are safe. And in some periods of extreme weather, roofers have to wait before they can resume carrying out their repair work.

If the damage has been caused by a fire rather than weather, roofers will work to ensure they can work with the remaining building structure.

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It's easy to forget the importance of a roof to your home or business. However, it's essential to protect your home or business and all of your belongings.

Whatever the cause, if there has been damage caused to your roof, you need to call an emergency tarping service right away. Get in touch with us today for emergency tarping or other roof repair services.

We believe we are the most professional and reliable residential and commercial roofing contractor in all of East Texas.

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You want your roof to be professionally installed by certified roofers who are fully insured. You don't want your roofing company to cut corners, do you? After all, you're protecting your greatest investment. You want to get the job done right the first time. Your home and business deserve to get a quality job from a quality company.

Our Roofing Reviews

William Bergemann

"Ok...So This review is about a year over due. I wanted to replace my roof, so i did what most people do... I called 5 roofing companies to come out and give me an estimate. I will not mention any other companies during this review (as much as i would like to call them out). One company never came out and called me 3 months later. Other companies just drove up...looked at the roof then left, calling me with a quote later that week. These folks at ASAP came out, got on my roof, did all the measurements and gave me not one, but three quotes (2 types of shingles and a metal roof quote). They treated me as a valued customer, not just another paycheck. Needless to say by the time everyone had given me their quotes, there was only one company that stuck out. ASAP. After having the roof completed, i was so impressed with their work and attitudes, I hired them to install new gutters also. I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism and work ethic. Thank you ASAP."

Gloria Farmer

"Robbie Morrison with ASAP came to our home after a major hail storm. Did we ever get lucky! Our roof required replacement. Robbie led us through the entire process with the kind of professionalism and customer service rarely seen these days. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but very personable. Honest, friendly and just plain kind. He went above and beyond our expectations in every aspect. Not only did he do all he said he would, but more.
The workers were also excellent. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
We are truly very satisfied customers, and if necessary, wouldn't hesitate to call Robbie and re-hire ASAP for any future home repair needs. I would have to think they're the very best out there.
Thank you, Robbie and ASAP!!!"

Carol Campbell

"Our home was trashed by an F4 tornado on April 29th, 2017. Within days ASAP roofing was out assessing our home and putting together a plan. Our confidence in this company was not misplaced. ASAP roofing company is a great company. The owner Joseph Kozell is only a phone call or a text message away, at all times. We felt that this company was professional, courteous, caring, honest and fair. Our home looked terrible on April 30th, but now we are better than we were before the tornado! Our home just looks beautiful. We highly recommend ASAP roofing. We could not be more pleased."

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